Solution 4: Embrace the mini skirt’s essence.

Sometimes, a zebra shouldn’t change its stripes. So have fun with it and embrace your physique in a mini skirt.

Photo Credits: Dan Chen

“It’s the fricken weekend.” Appropriate rules go out the window. How low cut and short can you go?

To maintain some decency when you’re wearing a low cut top, try to find one with thick straps so that your collarbone and shoulders are concealed. Leave a little to the imagination.


Here are some tank top options by ReissSophomore, and Gucci.

Does long hair draping over your shoulders count as “covering?”

Periodically check to ensure everything is covered. Fashion tape is great for making sure tops stay in place.

Dangerously high vintage wedges make the outfit a little funky. Try these similar shoes by Fratelli RossettiL’ Autre Chose,  Casadei and Steven Madden.

Pointy stilettos also work for a sassy look.  Like these strappy sandals by Jimmy Choo and Guess.