To Tulle or Too Tulle?

Photo Credits: Dan Chen

Holiday magic is at its greatest when you are a child. In an effort to recreate this wonder, I brought out a red skirt that I found at a flea market that was originally from the Children’s Place. 

Paired with black v-neck spandex blend shirt. A great staple that never stretches out in the arms.

Black leather belt from Holt Renfrew and black velvet bow shoes by Rebecca Taylor. The question is: to tulle or not to tulle?

I added a crinoline I bought at the children’s section of Costco. Treasures can be found in the most unexpected places. 

An extra volt of volume.

Dare I try the super tulle?

Tulle much?

Or the right about of pouf for a holiday celebration?

Are you tulle-ing this holiday season?